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Vasco da Gama is best remembered as the first European to sail from European to India. The sea route he found helped Portugal build a rich empire overseas.

Vasco da gama was born is Sines, Portugal, around 1469. As young man, da gama studied navigation an astronomy. He went on the serve as an officer in the Portuguese navy. In 1497, the king of Portugal asked da Gama to find the sea route to india by sailling around Africa. This would allow Portugal to control the rich Indian spice trade. Could da Gama do it? Earlier Portuguese expedition had rounded the southern trips of Africa. But these trip were long, difficult, and dangerous. Was it possible to travel from europe to india in a single voyage?

In july 1497, da gama set sail from lisbon, portugal, with four ships. By january 1498, the expedition reached mozambique on africa’s southeastern coast. But arab traders in mozambique disslike the portuguese. They drove da gama away, farther north, on the coast of kenya, da gama calicut on india’s coast. In calicut, da gama found pearls, jewels, and wonderful spices for sale. But the king and local merchents refused to trade with portuguise. Furious, da gama siled away. He arrived in portugal 1499 and was honored as hero.

In 1502, da gama made a second voyage to india. he returned to calicut with warships and soldiers. Da gama sank merchant vessels and killed many civilians. The king of calicut surrended. Da gama sailed home to portugal carrying a rich cargo of spice. Portugal soon built a valuable trading empire in india.

In 1524, da gama made his last voyage to india. The portuguese king had named da gama the governor of portugal’s possesions there. Da gama died three months after reahing india.

1.      Portugal built a valuable trading empire in india soon after da gama defeated the king and the people of calicut in....
A.    1497
B.     1498
C.     1499
D.    1502
E.     1524

2.       “Earlier Portuguese expedition had rounded the southern tip of africa” (paragraph 2)
The meaning of the underline word is...
A.    Presently
B.     Shortly
C.     Before
D.    Soon
E.     Later
3.      What did the king do while da gama successful in helping his country to build a rich empire overseas? Giving him as....
A.    As an empire
B.     The best civilian
C.     A good soldier
D.    One of portugal’s merchants
E.     One of portugal’s governors

4.      What is type of the text?
A.    Describtive text
B.     Narative text
C.     Recount text
D.    Argument
E.     Hortatory

5.      What is title of the text?
A.    The king of portugal
B.     Vasco da gama
C.     Expedition
D.    Trips on africa
E.     Portugal trips

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